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We are a couple of travellers and outdoor enthusiasts who have fallen in love with the exotic and unending beauty of northeast India. Just like the unfamiliar terrains of the northeastern states, much of the destinations, cultures and cuisines of these places are unexplored.

We are most commonly known as Agni and Amrita from Tale of 2 Backpackers Travel Blog. We are travelling together since the last 15 years, but our first visit to Northeast India was only in 2012. A visit to Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh made us fell in love with these places, and more so with their smiling and friendly people. Agni, however, is from Tezpur, a beautiful city in Assam. Although he was brought up and spent his entire life in West Bengal, he has that special connection with Northeast India.

Looking back, travelling to Northeast India has made us more aware of how we can live in harmony with nature and embrace our traditions along with modernity.

Experience Northeast India is trying to bridge the gap between the northeast and the rest of the world by sharing experiences about the lifestyle of the indigenous people, stories and fables about their land and tribes, their colourful culture and exotic cuisines. Also, experience the alluring destinations of the northeastern states as we discover the striking vistas and verdant wildlife of the seven sisters and one brother beyond the chicken’s neck.

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