Experience Mizoram – the land of Blue Mountains

Experience Mizoram – the land of Blue Mountains


This is the land of the Highlanders or the Mizos. Standing aloof from its neighbouring states, Mizoram is truly an exotic location sharing one-third of its boundary with Bangladesh and Myanmar; an idyllic land of great natural beauty having myriads of folklore.

The location of the Mizoram itself speaks of its quaint appeal. The mountainous state is covered with lush green forests teeming with a variety of flora and fauna, sheer cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls and picturesque villages of houses built on stilts. It is a land of dramatic morning mists engulfing the hills and peaks proving a romantic and picturesque view. To add to its unnerving beauty, the state has a myriad of festivals and dances, local handicrafts that speaks volume about the culture and traditions of its people.

In this trip, you will travel across the state and admire the scenic landscapes of Mizoram. Visit Aizawl, the century-old citadel like city and drive through the stunning landscapes of Champai. Visit the largest lake in Mizoram Rih Dil and get fascinated by all the folklore associated with it. The rugged mountains, spectacular waterfalls and the wildlife are all sure to mesmerize you and make your trip memorable.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 | Arrive at Aizawl

Welcome to Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram! Aizawl is situated at an altitude of 1132 metres on the Lushai hills and is almost 115 years old. Visit the State Museum, the Solomon Temple, a majestic church built of pure white marble. You can also visit the Durtlang Hill where a memorial built by Khawlhring in the memory of his wife stands. It is locally known as the Mizo Taj Mahal. Enjoy the sunset view from the Durtlang Hill.

Day 2 | Drive through the countryside to Champai

A 7 hours drive will take you to near the Burmese frontier. Champai is a town known for its border trade, but the place is also famous for its natural picturesque beauty. Champai is the agricultural hub of Mizoram. Here you can enjoy the view of terraced paddy fields and the beautiful countryside surrounded by rolling hills.

Day 3 | Listen to the stories of the heart-shaped Lake (Champai – Rih Dil – Zokawthar)

 Walk across the international border to Rih Dil, the heart-shaped lake located across the border in Myanmar. According to local folklore, the Mizos believed it to be the passage to Pialral heaven for the souls of their departed ancestors. You can go for short hikes and also visit the Buddhist monastery in the nearby Burmese village.

(Rih Dil and Zokawthar are accessible only for Indian travellers as it is a border area)

Day 4 | Exploring countryside (Zokawthar – Champai)

Explore the countryside of Champai. Visit the Ruantlang village, Zawlsei and Khawbung villages to glimpse the ancestral lifestyle of Mizoram. Vangchia is a historic village known for its age-old megaliths and is also an archaeological site.

Day 5 | Back to Aizawl

After breakfast, drive back to Aizawl. On the way, see the unique Nghah Lou Dawr shops, which are common along the highway near Seling. These stalls are interesting as they do not have any shopkeepers. People pick up vegetables, flowers and forest items and drop the money as per the price list in a container.

Day 6 | Visit the Falls that touch the Heaven (Aizawl – Hmuifang – Thenzawl)

After breakfast, start towards Thenzawl, one of the most beautiful towns of Mizoram. Enroute, visit the Hmuifang and Sialsuk for breathtaking views of the Mizo Hills. Visit the Vantawang Falls, a beautiful waterfall on the Mizo hills. You can also go upstream to visit the Tuirihiau Falls. Get to know about the local story about the city and the falls.

Day 7 | Bidding Goodbye to the land of Blue Mountains (Thenzawl – Aizawl)

Leave Thenzawl after breakfast and return to Aizawl. Time to bid goodbye to the land of Lushai Highlanders have come. Leave with great memories.

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