Lake of No Return – the Bermuda Triangle of India

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Did you know that India has her own Bermuda Triangle? Bermuda Triangle has always been a fascinating topic of discussion. And the Bermuda Triangle of India is equally interesting. The Lake of No Return or the Bermuda Triangle of India is situated at the border of Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar near the Pangsau Pass. The Pangsau Pass itself was touted to be dangerous place often called the “Hell Pass” during the WWII.

The Lake of No Return is also known as Nawang Yang in Burmese is a place that is shrouded in mystery along with various folklores and myths. The lake is 1.4 km in length and 0.8 km in width in its widest part and is situated to the southwest of the infamous Stilwell Road. The area is inhabited by the Tangsa tribe while Pangsau is the border town of the Nagas in Myanmar.

Lake of no return

Legends behind the Lake of No Return:

Just like the Bermuda Triangle, it is said that any person who has gone to the lake has never come back. The name gained its name and fame from a number of legends during the WWII. The most accepted historic reason being that during the WWII the Allied forces used this lake for soft emergency landings. They crash landed in the Lake in the process because of the treacherous peaks of the Pass. In the course, many of their aircraft and crew perished in the lake, mostly because of quicksand or they were attacked by enemies. Well, what actually happened is not known, the secret is buried deep in the heart of the lake.

There is another legend that says that a group of Japanese soldiers while returning from the battle lost their way and arrived at the lake. Here they suffered from malaria and other fatigue related issues and lost their lives.

Yet, another story goes on saying that the US soldiers who were working on the Ledo Stilwell Road had gone to the lake for examining the place. There they somehow got trapped by plant undergrowth and never came back.

It is also said that a troop of British soldiers that arrived near the lake in 1942 got trapped in the quicksand and gradually perished. Whatever be the actual reason, the Lake has gained the infamous name and reputation. All these stories have been told a number of times in Indian press as well as in fiction.

And Now the Folklore

Just like these legends, there are a few folklores associated with the lake as well that have been brought down till date by oral tradition. According to the natives’ lore, there was once a village near the lake. The villagers depended on the lake for fishes as sustenance. One fine day, the villagers caught a strange and very big fish, something that they had not seen before. They were surprised, but were also pleased with the catch and so decided to celebrate that evening. Each and everyone from the village were invited but an old lady and her granddaughter. That night, the old woman got a dream from the guardian of the lake warning her to leave the village, lest they would also be punished with the rest of the villagers. The two left the village immediately and the old lady inserted her bamboo staff upside down near the lake. Soon after they left, the whole village was submerged under the water, but the bamboo staff left by the old woman grew in the same spot. It is said that you can still see the strange bamboo growing from the joints upside down in the surroundings of the lake. Other tales from the yore also hang around the lake giving the place a mysterious feel.

With the beautiful surroundings and the thrilling stories, the place has become a place of tourist interest. So if you are planning to visit Upper Assam and are fascinated by the story, you can tweak in your itinerary and include this place.

Pangsau pass

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How to Reach the Lake of No Returns:

The Lake of no Return is 12 km from Nampong.

The nearest airport is the Mohanbari Airport at Dibrugarh. The nearest Railhead is at Tinsukia. The nearest local railway station is at Margherita.

Assam State Transport Corporation and Arunachal Pradesh State Transport buses ply daily from Dibrugarh and Tinsukia up to Jagun via Margherita. From there, you have to take Arunachal State Transport Buses for Nampong via Jairampur. The Lake of no Return is 12 km from Nampong. You hire a local cab/taxi to reach the lake. It is better to hire a private vehicle to the lake, as public transport may be difficult to find while coming back.

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