Magical Mechuka

Magical Mechuka


Situated in the forested valley surrounded by spectacular snow-capped mountains and gushing rivers crisscrossing the valley, Mechuka is truly Magical. Mechuka or Menchuka is nestled at an altitude of 6000 feet above sea level, the place is nothing but surreal with undulating meadows and a dreamy landscape. The valley is inhabited by the friendly Memba tribe who have fiercely reserved their rich cultural heritage. They reside in their quaint wooden houses beside the millet and buckwheat fields. The people of this place are believers of Buddhism, Donyi-Poloism, Christianity and speak Memba, Adi, Hindi and English. Mechuka is known for both its religious and historical significance. The Samten Yongcha monastery at Mechuka following the Mahayana Buddhism is an almost 400 years old and is the contemporary of the much-revered Tawang Monastery.

The remoteness of the place and the ruggedness of Arunachal Pradesh make a journey to this paradise much interesting. The trip will not only be a visually stunning experience but also enrich you with a unique cultural experience.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 | Dibrugarh

Welcome to Northeast India – the land of unending charm and beauty. Today arrive at Dibrugarh and check into a hotel. You are free to stroll around the banks of Brahmaputra River in the evening.

Day 2 | Dibrugarh – Aalo (7 hours)

Today start early and reach the Bhogibeel Ghat. From here, you would take a ferry ride across the mighty Brahmaputra to reach the north banks of the river. After crossing the river, a vehicle will await to take you to Aalo. The ride is long as the road conditions are poor. But the scenery around is amazing. This is one of the most scenic rides in the tour. The scenery changes with the rice fields in the plains giving way to the dense forests as you gain height.

Day 3 | Aalo

Visit the villages of the Adi tribes like Kabu, Jirdan and Kayin. Walk around the village, gardens and paddy fields. Also visit the local markets. Take a visit to the Patum Bridge, the tribal temple Donyi Polo Dere and experience the local culture and traditions.

Day 4 | Aalo – Mechuka (8 hours)

After breakfast, you will start your journey towards Mechuka. The journey is long through verdant valleys and sparsely populated villages dotted in the green mountains. After a long 8 hours of travel, you will reach the magical Mechuka valley in the West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. The name Mechuka or Men-chu-kha means medicinal water from the snow. The people of the valleys believe that the water that flows through the valley can cure any illness. The primary inhabitants of Mechuka are the Memba tribes of Tibeto-Mongoloid origin. Other ethnic tribes like the Tagins, Ramo and Libo and sub-Adi are also the inhabitants of Mechuka valley.

Day 5 | Mechuka

Spend a leisurely day at Mechuka. Stroll around the villages while you learn about the traditions, culture and lifestyle of the villagers. Visit the rice, maize and millet fields and get to know about their agricultural practices. Visit the beautiful hanging bridge and the Gurudwara. Later, climb up to the Samten Yongcha Monastery built around 400 years ago. You will get breathtaking views of Mechuka from the Gompa.

Day 6 | Mechuka

You can go for a half-day trek to the nearby forest. Start your trek by the banks of the Pemasnagchu stream, and then climb up the pine forest. You will get to see a lot of Himalayan birds in the forest.

In the evening, interact with your hosts while savouring tasty momos. You can also learn making some!

Day 7 | Mechuka – Aalo (8 hours)

Start early this day for your return journey o Aalo.

Day 8 | Aalo – Pasighat

After breakfast, we will drive towards Pasighat, the headquarters of the East Siang district. On the way take a small detour to the village of Pangin to walk on a 1500 foot long suspension bridge over the Siang.

The road towards Pasighat is extremely scenic. Enjoy the landscape as you drive towards Pasighat. Later in the day, you can visit the tribal villages of Pasighat.

Day 9 | Pasighat – Dibrugarh

A beautiful and scenic drive for around 2 hours will take you to the jetty from where you take a ferry ride to the other side of Brahmaputra. Reach Dibrugarh by afternoon and relax for the day.

Day 10 | Dibrugarh

Depart towards your destination with great photographs and greater memories. Goodbye, until we meet again.

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