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Mawlyngbna, a destination for adventure enthusiast in Meghalaya

by May 15, 2018Destinations, Meghalaya

Mawlyngbna is a hidden gem in the beautiful state of Meghalaya. Located just 25 km from Mawsynram, the place is nearly two hours drive from Shillong. With about a few hundred families, the village is nestled above the plains of Bangladesh. Surrounded by beautiful hills, rushing streams, waterfalls, caves and natural hot springs with manifold activities and surprises in store. There are a number of picturesque waterfalls as well.

Mawlyngba is the hotspot of archaeological findings. Fossils of animals dating 200 million old have been founded here and preserved. You can also indulge in adventure activities like trekking, kayaking and zip lining here. For the more adventurous tourists, there are options for mountain biking as well. With so many attractions on offer, Mawlyngbna is truly a unique place for its visitors. Although you can make a day trip here, it is highly recommended that you stay for a couple of nights here.

Experiences at Mawlyngbna:

  1. Trek to the fossil park. The place is full of archaeological findings dating back to almost 200 million years. It is believed that the entire area was actually a part of the seabed.
  2. Get indulged in the Khasi fables. There is a place where the ground has an appearance of numerous large footprints. Folklores say that the footprints are of animals at the place called ‘Ka iew Luri Lura’ (a marketplace believed to have been run by animals way back in time).
  3. Visit the Umakhakoi Reservoir. You can do angling and kayaking here in the blue waters of the reservoir. For the more adventurous spirits, you can do zip lining also.
  4. Trek to the ‘split rock’. There is a rock formation that looks as if it that were split from the middle. You can go right down and then visit a cave there.
  5. Visit the Law Adong, a forest maintained and preserved by the villagers. Though not a sacred grove like many Meghalayan villages, the place provides a calm and traditional touch to the senses.
  6. Go to the pitcher plant garden. You can also have the nectar from the plants here.
  7. Experience camping at the jungle sites. You will feel the calm of the jungle and the thrill of camping.

Nearby Attractions:

  1. Mawsynram: Believed to be the wettest place on the globe, it is just 25 km from here.
  2. Mawphlang: The place is famous for its sacred groves and is also the starting point of the David Scott Trail.

Best Time to visit Mawlyngbna:

The best time to visit Meghalaya is from November to April. You can make a week-long plan if you want to visit the important places of Meghalaya.

Mawlyngbna also serves as a perfect weekend destination from Shillong.

How to Reach Mawlyngbna:

The nearest airport is Umroi Airport at Shillong. The nearest Railway head is Guwahati.

From Shillong, the place is around 85 km. You can hire a car from Shillong to reach here. As for local vehicles, there are no direct local vehicles from Shillong. You can come to MAwphlang and then take another local jeep to Mawlyngbna. But the route is quite uncertain.

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