Selling dreams at Mawlyngot, Meghalaya

Selling dreams at Mawlyngot, Meghalaya

Mawlyngot, Meghalaya

MAwlyngot - Tea Tourism in Meghalaya

Mawlyngot is the latest addition to the tea tourism sector in Meghalaya. The picturesque village situated in the East Khasi hills is a beautiful destination hidden in the lush green landscapes of Meghalaya. With natural beauty in abundance, Mawlyngot has been gaining attention among the tea lovers around North-east India. The tea grown here is known as Urlong Tea.

Situated about 40 km from Shillong at an altitude of 4800 ft, Mawlyngot is a peaceful hamlet in the lap of nature. The village is said to be more than a century old. Tea has been growing in the wild since long at Mawlyngot, the villagers were not aware of it. The early inhabitants of the place suffered from throes of penury until a village school teacher discovered Camellia shrubs in the hills. Thus began the journey of Mawlyngot as a tea-growing centre. Currently, the village has a tea-processing unit producing one of the best quality teas in India. The Urlong Tea Integrated Village Co-operative Society Limited is behind the success of the village and its people.

Mawlyngot is a place where nature has given in bounty. With the lush green tea gardens around the village, the place exudes serenity and charm all around. You can go for a day hike to a nearby hilltop and can also visit the Umsong Riverbed. This is also one of the rare places where blueworms can be seen. The blueworms are like earthworms, only they are larger in size and blue in colour. They can be seen only twice during a year in April and October.

Experiences at Mawlyngot:

  1. Visit the tea gardens that surround the village. You can see the village folks plucking tea leaves. Get acquainted with them and get to know their stories. You can even try plucking tea leaves.
  2. Visit the Urlong tea processing unit. Here you can see how tea is processed and packed. you can also do tea tasting here.
  3. Embark on a village trail where you can meet the villagers and listen to their stories and know their lifestyle. You can also listen to the stories of the past from the older village folks.
  4. Go for a day hike to the nearby forest.
  5. Visit the banks of the Umsong River.
  6. Enjoy a delectable Khasi cuisine here. Have the tasty roasted chicken and pork around the bonfire as you listen to the Khasi folk tales.
  7. Buy some best quality of Urlong tea for yourself as well as for taking back home as souvenirs. A special tip: The Urlong honey is of great quality.

Nearby Attractions:

  1. Smit: Smit is very near to this place. Smit is a heritage village and is famous for the Nongkrem festival held in November every year.
  2. Laitlum canyons: The Laitlum canyons are the hidden wonder of Meghalaya. You can see breathtaking gorges and winding staircases down to the remote villages
  3. Shillong: The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is quite near from here. You can always make a day trip from Shillong to Mawlyngot, but it is always advisable to spend a night here.

Best Time to visit Mawlyngot:

You can visit the place at any time of the year. The months of November to April are best for clear skies and perfect weather. You can make a week-long plan if you want to visit the important places of Meghalaya. If you want to see the blue worm, then visit during April or October.

Mawlyngot also serves as a perfect weekend destination from Guwahati and Shillong.

How to Reach Mawlyngot:

The nearest airport is Umroi Airport at Shillong. The nearest railhead is Guwahati.

From Guwahati, you have to reach Shillong. From Shillong, the place is around 45 km and you can hire a car to reach Mawlyngot. You can also get shared sumos and bus from Lewduh, Shillong to Mawlyngot.

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