Meghalaya Adventure

Meghalaya Adventure


What is your idea of adventure? There is no dearth of adventure activities in Meghalaya. From trekking to the living root bridges and caving to ziplining and snorkelling, the state can lure you with a myriad of activities. There is never a dull moment while you are in Meghalaya.

There was a horse-cart trail that once connected Cherrapunjee to Bangladesh, the trail that caused a war between the Khasi king and the British. A part of the trail remains and we will take you through the picturesque path while crossing the clear river. And then there is the trek to the wonderful Khasi village that will take you to the famous living root bridge. The trek will literally make you weak in the knees. And finally, the clear waters of Umngot River will help you relax and unwind. And if you want more, there are water activities like scuba diving and cliff jumping to experience. What is there more to ask for? Simply embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1 | Drive to Mawphlang (Guwahati – Mawphlang)

Welcome to Shillong. From Guwahati, you will drive to Mawphlang.

Day 2 | On the path of David Scott (Shillong – David Scott Trail – Sohra)

Mawphlang is the starting point of the David Scott Trail. The trek stretches from Mawphlang to Ladmawphlang. Both the villages deserve their own chapters in the annals of Khasi history, culture, and folklore. The landscape and scenery is simply stunning as you will see rivers, woods & rocks sculpting the enormous landscape, and of course, hanging bridges connecting the two villages. In the middle, there are small villages with smiling and gracious people always ready to help you.

After you finish your trek at Lad Mawphlang, drive to Sohra.

Day 3 | Waterfalls and more (Cherrapunjee)

Another adventure filled day awaits you. How can you possibly not visit the waterfalls while at Cherrapunjee? Visit the Seven Sister waterfalls, Nohkalikai Falls while you listen to the tragic folklore about the Nohkalika falls. Visit the Mawsmai Cave and the Arwah Caves for a unique caving experience in Meghalaya.

Day 4 | A memorable trek (Cherrapunjee – Nongriat)

After breakfast, you will start towards Tyrna village that serves as the base camp for the Nongriat Trek. This trek is once in a lifetime experience. You will need to climb down almost 3500m steps. There would be times when you will be demotivated and your knees will give in. But we are always there to cheer you up and motivate you. Because once you reach your destination, you will realize that whatever effort you had put in is totally worth. Nongriat has pristine pools and lagoons, hanging suspension bridges, rainbow waterfalls, the double-decker root bridge and the various folklores of the Khasis.

As soon as you reach Nongriat, leave your baggage and head for the Double Decker Root Bridge. Relax and enjoy near the clear pools nearby while you marvel at the wonders of nature.

If you want, you can trek towards the Rainbow Falls. It nearly takes 2 hours to trek to the Falls one way. True to its name, the place is spectacular and in the afternoon, the sun rays fall in the waters forming a rainbow. And yes, there are butterflies all along to amaze you.

Day 5 | Camp beside the transparent river (Nongriat – Tyrna – Shnongpdeng)

You can wake up leisurely today. Enjoy the morning and after breakfast, start your climb to Tyrna. Next, you will drive towards Shnongpdeng. Nestled in the Jaintia hills of Meghalaya, very near to Dawki with the Umngot River snaking its way beside it. The place has almost everything for a nature lover as well as the adventure seekers. Camp beside the clear waters of Umngot River and get a well-deserved rest.

Day 6 | A day filled with activities (Shnongpdeng)

Enjoy camping beside the river. In the morning, you can go for a country boat ride along the clear waters of Umngot river. You can also indulge in kayaking, cliff jumping or scuba diving. In the evening, enjoy bonfire beside the river and as you crash in your tents, relive the adventure filled day.

Day 7 | Back to civilization (Shnongpdeng – Shillong – Guwahati)

Today, return back from Shnongpdeng to Guwahati. The drive is long, so book evening flights from Guwahati. Bid a cheerful goodbye to Meghalaya, until we meet again.

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