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Misty Mizoram, also known as the “land of Blue Mountains” or the “land of highlanders” is under the cover of magnificent mountains and deep gorges. Mizoram is the land of the Mizos or the Lushai highlanders who belong to the Mongoloid race. Infact, the word ‘Mizo’ is a combination of two words ‘Mi’ or man and ‘zo’ or hill, meaning the land of  Highlander. Nestled in the southernmost tip of the North-eastern states of India, it is one of the smallest and youngest states of India. It is an exotic land covered with lush green forests, breathtaking view from the cliffs, stunning waterfalls and picturesque villages amidst seas of morning mist that enfold the hills and peaks in its embrace.

Mizoram is also endowed with a rich and colourful culture and heritage. The Mizos are quite fond of singing and dancing that is displayed in their community dances and cheerful songs.

Why visit Mizoram?

Mizoram is blessed with extraordinary scenic beauty as well as immense natural resources and biodiversity. The Lushai hills form the backdrop of the state and the place is blessed with a temperate climate, breathtaking beauty and rich flora and fauna.  The Mizos are also known for their numerous folk and community dances.

Call of the Wild:

The wildlife of Mizoram is an added attraction. It has the third largest forest cover in India. These forests act as migration corridors for the animals to travel between the plains and hills. The hilly terrains of Mizoram lie along the Lushai hills with Phawngpui or the ‘Blue Mountains’ as the highest point.

Blue Mountain National Park, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Murlen National Park are a few of the wildlife sanctuaries of the state. Tigers, clouded leopards, Hoolock Gibbons and Gaur bison form majority of the wildlife. Also, the state is known for the diversity of birds.

Heritage & Culture:

The Mizos are a lot of colourful people. Mostly of Tibeto-Burmese origin, they belong to various tribes, but they have a sense of unity among themselves. A few of these Mizo tribes were savage headhunters too. Currently, the Mizos are gregarious and peaceful people. The society largely is close-knit and the people are fond of songs and dancing. The influence of Christianity is found largely in their songs now. The Mizos are quite known for their colourful attires during the music festivals and the famous Cheraw bamboo dance during the festivals.

Mizoram is also known for its indigenous bamboo handicrafts. Due to the presence of bamboo abundantly in the region, they use them for their domestic work as well as making bamboo and cane furniture and artefacts. The nimble-fingered craftsmen create articles in bamboo and cane along with exquisite handloom articles like shawls, textiles, bags etc.


Mizoram is dotted with a number of well developed natural caves that are associated with myths, legends and folklore. These caves are ideal for adventure activities. Khuangchera Puk is the longest cave in Mizoram located in Ailawng.

Festivals of Mizoram:

Anthurium Festival:

Anthurium Festival is the most popular festival celebrated in the state. Organised by the Tourism Department of Mizoram, the festival is celebrated at Reiek Village near Aizawl. This festival is a celebration of nature during the peak season of the blossoming of the exotic anthurium flower. It is a three-day extravagant celebration of the culture, music, dance, games, handlooms and handicrafts, thus promoting the present day Mizo culture.

Chapchar Kut:

Chapchar Kut is celebrated in the month of March celebrated before the planting begins after cutting of the bamboo trees. This festival is celebrated amidst much joy and fanfare. This is also the time when spring advents with freshness in air and landscape along with mirth in the hearts of people. The people get dressed in colourful traditional attires and perform songs and dances amidst beats of drums. The festival is a colourful affair.

Thalfavang Kut:

Thalfavang Kut or Winter Festival is an annual festival organized by the Department of Tourism to showcase the diverse culture and tradition of the Mizo people. Celebrated before the harvest, the festival is one of the major agricultural festivals of the state. The festival also celebrates the close-knit Mizo society and the deep camaraderie that exists between the Mizos. The festival is celebrated with a number of activities that include cultural dance, music show, flower shows and display of local handloom and handicrafts.

Climate of Mizoram:

Mizoram has a sub-tropical climate as it is located below the Tropic of Cancer. It enjoys a moderate climate with pleasant temperature throughout the year.

Monsoon: May to September

Best Season: October to May

February & March, September & October for blooming rhododendrons, beautiful daphnia blossoms and orchids).

Discover more about Mizoram:

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