Paragliding in Gangtok, Sikkim – fly like a bird

Paragliding in Gangtok, Sikkim – fly like a bird

Paragliding is turning out to be one of the most sought-after adventure sports. And why not? Who would not like to fly like a bird while looking at the beautiful earth below? Gangtok in Sikkim is now becoming a paragliding hotspot. With the beautiful Himalayan ranges and the natural beauty all around, Sikkim is truly an example of the perfect union of nature and adventure. Wouldn’t you love to see the magnificent Himalayan ranges and the snow-clad peaks as you fly like a bird and also look at the stunning landscapes of Gangtok? Paragliding in Gangtok, Sikkim is turning out to be an incredible experience.

Gangtok has some excellent launching ridges and sites for paragliding take-offs. The scenic view of the Himalayas and the tiny villages from the top is simply breathtaking. Prior training or experience is not required for paragliding. At Gangtok, the operators offer Tandem Flights. An experienced operator or pilot will accompany you in your flight. He will be doing all the operations of controlling the flight. You just have to sit safely and comfortably with him in the harness attached to the paraglider and enjoy your flight.


Paragliding in Gangtok offers two types of flights

Medium Fly

Maximum Altitude: 1300 – 1400 m

Take-off point: Baliman Dara

Total time of flight: 5 – 10 minutes

Cost: INR 2500

In this flight, you would get a view of the valleys of Gangtok and the Gangtok town. On a clear day, you might see the snow clad Himalayan ranges. The landing zone is the stadium field at the Reshithang Sports Village.

High Fly

Maximum Altitude: 2200 m

Take-off point: Bulbuley Dara

Total time of flight: 15 – 20 minutes

Cost: INR 5000

This is the better one and you get to fly much higher and see the mountain ranges. You will also get a unique view of the Gangtok city from a bird’s eye view. The landing zone (the stadium field) is at an altitude of 1,150 meters, about 4kms from the take-off point. Among amazing views of the mountains, you will also see Taktse International School at Pangthang, Bojoghari village and Tashi View Point.

How to Book Paragliding Adventure in Gangtok

There are a number of operators operating in Gangtok. Take a cab from M G Marg to the Reshithang Sports Village near Ranka. Most of the operators are in the Ranka Road area. You can book your paragliding flight at their office. The operators will arrange to take you to the take-off point in their own vehicle.

Points to remember

  • Paragliding depends on weather condition. The operators will take-off a flight only if they think that the conditions are prime. The time of flight also depends on the wind conditions.
  • Body weight should be between 45 – 90 kg
  • Wear trousers and proper shoes as it would help during the take-off.


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